Not Another Yellow Solidarity of the Bourgeoisie

01 Nov 2009 (Sun) at 8:31 am 117 comments

Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa

Noynoy's new video: Who's da man?!

Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa
Artist: Regine Velasquez
Director: Onat Diaz
Cast: Sharon Cuneta, Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda, Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera, Ai-Ai delas Alas, Mariel Rodriguez, Bianca Gonzales, Erik Santos, James Yap, Kerby Raymundo, Willie Miller, KC Canaleta, Cyrus Baguio, Enrico Villanueva, LA Tenorio, Larry Fonacier, Paulo Bugia et. al

It all seems so easy. No obstacles, no pain, no sadness, no struggle, not even a drop of sweat. Halaman lang ang sagabal. Whoever thought hope and change would be this effortless—and beautiful?

Noynoy’s latest campaign video, the music video “Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa,” mobilizes a strong troupe of Kapamilya and Kapuso players, all clad in yellow, all bearing torches and candles, marching through the darkness to bring light, blazing and yellow, to the country. The splendor and magnificence of the spectacle, however, brings to mind the age-old aphorism, the standard precaution to consumers: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The revolution, Mao Tse Tung said, is not a dinner party. “It cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous.” Yet here we have a movement which is practically a dinner party—dinner na lang ang kulang. The crowd advances leisurely and gently; people light each others’ torches kindly and courteously; the stars’ march restrained and magnanimous, all smiles, no sweat, and as Marian Rivera would say, beautifool.

Look at the stars, Noynoy, look how they shine for you. And everything you promise to do. Yeah, they were all yellow.

Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa: Marian Rivera

Ang pinakamagandang ralyista sa balat ng lupa. Ano'ng feeling mo, Marian?

Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa: The Proletariat

Supported not just by stars, but even the proletariat?

Of course, there are the token “masa” representations—the farmer, fisherman, nuns and Muslim women—but the representations are just that, token, and all other instances of the ordinary (read: non-showbiz) people are either blurred in the background or are directly supporting the primary actions of the artistas. Even the title, “Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa,” aside from its 1980s etymology, reflects a bourgeois individualist perspective. The phrase highlights the primacy of the self, a gesture of individual sympathy rather than the resolve of a collective tayo.

Nonetheless, there is clearly some kind of unity going on. But what is this unity based on? Save for the yellow outfits which provide an aesthetic (read: cosmetic) harmony, or perhaps the Aquinos’ broad (showbiz) influence which brought the artistas together, there is no apparent platform on which can be forged a broad unity.

Perhaps, no platform is needed. The video artfully shows us that personality and patronage politics will gloss over the real issues, that the torches will shed light onto actors’ beautiful faces but leave in the darkness real issues like agrarian reform and human rights. That even in the broad bourgeoisie solidarity, not everyone is on equal footing. Someone’s torch burns higher and brighter, someone stands higher than everyone else, someone will be at the center—or at least, someone can afford to, not just financially, but in terms of social capital as well.

The spectacle of Noynoy’s apparent uniting of the two traditionally un-uniteable network giants, ABS-CBN and GMA-7, is taken to be a preview of the broad unity Noynoy can achieve if ever he clinches the presidency. However, let us emphasize that conflict among the bourgeoisie (ie, the network wars) is different from conflict between social classes (ie, Hacienda Luisita). As EDSA 1 shows, the bourgeoisie can form tactical—and audiovisually spectacular—alliances to protect their class interests. But if we learned anything from EDSA 1 and the broad anti-Marcos anti-fascist struggle that led to it, it is that we must uphold the interests of and form solidarity with the broad majority, the workers and peasants, and not the landed elite.

Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa: The (Mass?) Demonstration

The (mass?) demonstration: A show of showbiz force.

Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa: The Parents

Make your momma (and poppa) proud: The flag of nostalgia.

In the video, there is a clear reference/homage to two prominent EDSA 1 icons, Noynoy’s parents Ninoy and Cory Aquino. In his campaign, Noynoy recycles EDSA 1’s most iconic quality (the color yellow) as well as its biggest failure: the sustaining of bourgeois supremacy. Beyond that, however, the fact still remains that after years of being a congressman and senator, Noynoy himself has not done anything politically notable, whether to go beyond his class background and courageously advance the interests of the majority like his parents did, or even to at least make amends for the injustices committed by his landed family.

Perhaps the showbiz solidarity of “Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa” is not a preview of what Noynoy can do. Perhaps it is already a showcase, early in the campaign, of exactly how far politically another Aquino presidency can go. Perhaps the unity of bourgeois interests is the campaign line, the selling point and the presidential platform and mission, all rolled into one.#

Hindi Ka Nag-iisa: Noynoy

The torchbearer. "Ika'y mamuno, kami ay susunod... Handa kaming kumilos, handang umalalay."

– – – – –


A collective struggle privatized: ‘Ang laban ni Ninoy at Cory’

If there is anything stark about how election campaigns are shaping up, it is that there is a general agreement that the current Arroyo administration is so horrible, so corrupt, and indeed so dark (ang “paligid ay madilim”) that there is an urgent need for a way out. But decades of personality politics and the class-biased nature of our democracy and elections have and will still practically forbid the possibility of having any presidentiables from the middle/working class by mere virtue of the huge costs of an election campaign. The song “Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa” reflects this hopelessness—and more strikingly, the passivity of the bourgeoisie (“ang Pilipinas ay naghihintay, kami ay susunod”).

Of course, to deflect focus on this passivity, the song uses images of activism and rallies (“magkapit-bisig tayo”), which is strange because these are the very techniques that many petty/bourgeoisie deem “outdated” and “ineffective.” Apparently, the image of a mass demonstration (most notably used in Boni Ilagan’s historical documentary “Sa Liyab ng Libong Sulo,” definitely a more progressive and highly contextualized use of the sulo imagery, which you can watch online in six parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6) remains acknowledged as the most powerful tool in the collective struggle for social change—and while those in a comfortable social position are wont to avoid it like the plague, they are also quick to use it in pursuit of their own interests.#

Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa
Composed by Ogie Alcasid
Performed by Regine Velasquez

Sasamahan ka namin
Kahit paligid ay madilim
Iilawan ang daan tungo sa magandang kinabukasan
Ika’y mamuno, kami ay susunod
Pagkakaisa’y ating itaguyod
Ang Pilipinas ay naghihintay
Handa kaming kumilos, handang umalalay

Hindi ka nag-iisa
Sa paggising ng bayan
Kami ay kasama, hindi ka mag-iisa
Isasapuso ang dangal ng ating bayan
Sa tulong at biyaya ng Maykapal

Magkakapit bisig tayo
Ituloy natin laban ni Ninoy at Cory
Nang bawat mamamayan
Pagmamahal natin sa bayan
‘Wag na nating itago, ‘di tayo susuko

Hindi ka nag-iisa
Sa paggising ng bayan
Kami ay kasama,hindi ka mag-iisa
Isasapuso ang dangal ng ating bayan

Sa tulong at biyaya ng Maykapal
Magkakapit bisig tayo
Sama-sama bawat Pilipino
Mula noon, ngayon at kailan pa man
Hindi ka nag iisa


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  • 1. the bakla review  |  01 Nov 2009 (Sun) at 7:52 pm

    political biases aside, i hated the video. it’s bloated and empty. somehow i can’t believe people were actually “moved” by it.

  • 2. Edgar Allan Paule  |  01 Nov 2009 (Sun) at 7:53 pm

    right? it’s a station id without a logo.

  • 3. the bakla review  |  01 Nov 2009 (Sun) at 8:14 pm

    yes. it’s built the way most celebrity endorsement ads work. no need for substance, just “trusted faces”. so maybe the ad people behind this know what they’re doing.

    btw, i’ve always hated onat diaz’s national anthem clip with the abs-cbn stars on top of a mountain. just saying.

  • 4. Edgar Allan Paule  |  01 Nov 2009 (Sun) at 8:38 pm

    hahaha. yeah. like kris aquino endorsing greenex–does she look like the type who cleans kitchens herself? i’m not fond of the kapamilya anthem video either, but i’ll admit the cinematography is great. hehe.

    since ad people made the noynoy video, i’m pretty sure they created it with an advertising perspective in mind, noynoy just another product being sold to consumers. with a little more grandiose flair, of course. haha.

  • 5. babaengbotante  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 11:27 am

    Bravo for the excellent review. Substance is nowhere to be seen or heard in this political advertisement.

  • 6. Edgar Allan Paule  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 11:38 am

    Thank you, babaengbotante!

  • 7. reigun  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 11:42 am

    “my tv ad is starstudded. platforms?ask kris. ktnxbye”- noynoy

  • 8. Edgar Allan Paule  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 11:50 am

    Hahaha, but wasn’t Kris also responsible for the star-studding? :)

  • 9. sid  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 11:55 am

    great article. too bad we don’t have money to make this as publicized as noynoy and his inane ad. pwede naman natin i-share nang i-share sa facebook. ang galing, salamat!

  • 10. uberVU - social comments  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 12:14 pm

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by bikoy: Viewer Discretion: Not Another Yellow Solidarity of the Bourgeoisie

  • 11. imnotadude  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 12:21 pm

    I don’t mind that Noynoy is running for president. What I hate is the fact that he’s doing it using his parents’ names. It almost seems like the death of his mother (of CANCER) was actually a good thing for their family – kind of like an insurance benefit. Plus, you are absolutely right, what has he ever done for the country?

    His political ad is too GLOSSY, too SHINY, too FAKE, like PLASTIC.

    Excellent review, by the way. :)

  • 12. lette  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 12:53 pm

    @iamnotadude: i have been asking myself the same question as to what noy noy has done during his 3 terms in government. I feel weird that most of his campaign uses his parents (esp. his mom) — doesn’t really bring merit into his capability as a leader.

    thanks for the article, it was a great review!

  • 13. xrx  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 12:59 pm

    I would have wished for your review to be more extensive and more elaborate say expounding on the conflict among the burgis and the conflict between social classes. You were right in most counts, but your review did not offer any fresh insights BUT having said that, kudos for at least going against the grain of populist politics. .

  • 14. Mr. Ward  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 1:01 pm

    @the bakla review… (somehow i can’t believe people were actually “moved” by it.) It think is how Regine delivered the song and not by the ad itself

  • 15. ka_fredo  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 1:08 pm

    This is what you get when you give Mar’s Padyak Ad people, Kris’ showbiz connections. Compare it to the Magkaisa video from 1986, where is the sincerity in this video? Soap opera theme songs have no place in the coming elections.

  • 16. AnonyMiss  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 1:38 pm

    I vastly enjoyed reading your review of this misbegotten piece of…I-don’t-know-what. I too thought it was a station ID ad at first.

  • 17. Ria  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 2:04 pm

    Great commentary. It’s actually a good representation of what Noynoy is about: no substance as evidenced by his lack of track record (he hasn’t really done anything in the Lower House and in the Senate) and being a fence-sitter on important issues like agrarian reform.

    I hope you don’t mind if I post a link to this at FB. Thanks. :)

  • 18. malaya  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 2:06 pm

    I initially thought of considering Noynoy for president. But I must say after I saw this ad which I think is overly decorated with stars, I began to contemplate. Somehow Kris’ involvement is becoming annoying :D.

    Yes you are right! I haven’t heard of anything he did notable for the country in his 3 years of service in the government! I trust and hope that voters won’t get too carried away with this too GLOSSY and too SHINY ad and end up voting without THINKING!

  • 19. chibs  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 2:10 pm

    aylabet! clap. clap. can i share this on facebook?! thanks.

  • 20. Jay-P  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 2:34 pm

    Like himself and his proclamation for candidacy, the video is vague and empty.

    I see Ninoy an opposite of his father, he doesn’t have a vision for the country. Its a shame that he let himself be utilized by the traditional politicians around him..

    But then again, no one of the candidates reflect change for the better of the country. It is a again an election for the lesser evil…

  • 21. xkwzt  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 2:36 pm

    Easy, unifying, and clean; everything Philippine politics isn’t..

  • 22. Gus Van Sant  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 2:39 pm

    Hi sir, interesting review. Just think that you totally disregarded the intentions of the people who volunteered to make this video (actors and production crew). Of course, not accepting payment for making a video isn’t comparable to what real political organizers do. But I hope you’d consider that this already is a huge first step for us. We’ve never really cared about the what’s happening to the rest of the country before. All we thought about were our paychecks and the next valentines Dingdong-Marian production. But let’s face it: crossing station lines isn’t that easy. But it’s your blog. Just commenting to say that the unity we showed isn’t really as hollow as it seems. Thanks sir.

  • 23. haggerty voice  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 2:41 pm

    Ngeah! Even a no-no in the senate, drooling while speaking and hooked on drinking and smoking. I don’t see he has what it takes to be president. He could not fit the shoes of his parents.

  • 24. manuelbuencamino  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 3:04 pm

    Ayus ang post mo. And you got me thinking, sino naman kaya ang maitatapat mo kay Noynoy?

  • 25. Mizo  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 3:13 pm

    be “moved” by the ad and you’ll surely get another six years of drama and mediocrity.

    thanks for the review.

  • 26. galaako  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 3:17 pm

    so lito lapid pwedeng itapat kay noynoy! he he he

    balita ko mas madami pa nagawa si lito lapid kay noynoy! ha ha ha

  • 27. haggerty voice  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 3:35 pm

    I am an avid supporter of NIck Perlas. You can visit his site

    I have also written something about Cory in my blog which forebodes Ninoy’s bid. How could i know he is running.

  • 28. dennis  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 3:48 pm

    the post is very good reading as it looks at the ad as a political campaign material. it is, though, a music video, eveidently intended to show that noynoy aquino’s campaign can bring the two network stars together. whether the intention of the music video is to be “politically correct” beyond the “solidarity of the burgeosie” is not something i am prepared to judge. as it is, it is entertaining enough, meeting what its apparent entertainment value objective is. obviously, those prepared to like it will; those who do not like the subjec, it will not.

  • […] am reposting this excerpt from this blog post from Viewer Discretion with regard to the recent political music video advertisement of […]

  • 30. Bikoy  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 3:54 pm

    nakakatawa ang ibang tao bakit sila nagtataka na marami ang hindi nahahamig ng video na ito, dont they want voters to be more discerning? tapos sila ang may lakas ng loob na punahin ang ibang taong bumoboto nang personality-based at emotional ang gamit na judgment. eh, ganoong ganoon itong kampanya nila eh.

    kahit sa website ni Noynoy, walang sinasabi tungkol sa plataporma niya sa pagtakbo.

  • 31. atr  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 4:01 pm

    his ad not glossy, too shiny,m too fake for those of you who are so much short of thinking. you interpret by just looking at who’s who and not interpret it that much. uniting two rival stations is like uniting a torn country. got that? try not to be too much literal or maybe you deetractors are gunning for your own candidates among them a guy in red shirt pretending to come from the poor when in fact still has a pending grandiosity of case involving c5 road extension, truly not very supported of the poor. or perhaps the guy in green who silently works for the petite but has yet to face tons of cases including zte, fertilizers funds, swine, eurogen case among others, or perhaps the guy in red with wristband for his win will again be another 6 years of jueteng payola.

    sorry but your claim of six years of drama and mediocrity for noynoy is so short as compared to the lifestyles and power desires of your candidates.

  • 32. Jonathan  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 4:19 pm

    excellent you do independent film review..there is a film that i need ur critique..pls email me intersted..i cant find where i can email u privately tnx

  • 33. Ms. Anti-corruption  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 4:28 pm

    What had Noynoy accomplished since he started in politics? Anything that rings a bell? Sad to say but I cannot remember any. This ads…is still such a waste of time. Noynoy MUST concentrate on planning for his governance rather than making these videos.

  • 34. GagongTambay  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 4:32 pm

    “uniting two rival stations is like uniting a torn country. got that?” -atr

    wow, i wish is was that simple. and yes, it’s glossy, shiny and feels fake like plastic. akala ko din nung una station ID. mas ok pa siguro kung pinakita nya na lang sa ad yung mga ginawa nya, wait, wala pa naman sya nagagawa na worth mentioning so scratch that.

    i have never been a fan of noy since the start. pakiramdam ko nakikisakay lang sya sa fame ng magulang nya. si noynoy ay di si ninoy.

  • 35. maxx  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 4:41 pm

    The lyrics may speak for most of us, but the tv ad doesn’t. The tv ad is just jampacked with artists and tv personalities.. all of which KNOWS how to ACT. Oh well, just another star extravaganza campaign that most Filipinos fall for. But not me. I am so sick of tv ads with no one but artists for a WEAK candidate for presidency. I do hope the debates will be frequent, then and there we will see if Noynoy is NOT in the shadow of his mom, his dad and most especially, his annoying sister Kris. Imo, Noynoy is weak. Choices for his clothes and facial scrubs are even given by Kris Aquino. What did he ever do for the country except sit in senate hearings and not move a thing? Please, we don’t need another “erap.” We don’t need to have a presidential circus again. Noynoy is not the best choice – so far, I have yet to discover who, but definitely, Noynoy is not.

  • 36. Lost  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 4:47 pm

    @ atr: Piteous is kind of thinking (or rather, blatant lack thereof) which your comment reflects. Firstly, you are building a straw-man argument by saying that the writer(s) and those who agree with the points in the article herein are writing in support of the candidates you are alluding to.

    As the writer(s) of the article have already addressed, conflict among the bourgeoisie (as represented by the network wars) is no way comparable to the conflict amongst social classes (ex. Cojuanco-Aquino clan as the landed elite vs. striking plantation and mill workers of Hacienda Luisita who were seeking a pay rise, reinstatement of victimized workers, and, more broadly, nationwide land redistribution to farm and plantation workers.)

    On November 16, 2004, during the violent dispersal of the Hacienda Luisita workers’ picket, fourteen (14) people were killed including two children aged 2 and 5 years old who died from suffocation from teargas lobbed by the police and army dispersal teams. At least 35 people sustained gunshot wounds, 133 were arrested and detained and another hundred were wounded.

    After the Presidential Agrarian Reform Council ordered the Cojuangco family to turn over majority of the estate to the farm workers, the latter started to till the land that was used to be a sugar plantation and planted it with agricultural crops. In 2006, the Supreme Court ordered a temporary restraining order against the PARC decision. The case is pending, but recently the Cojuangco family released a “memo” to the farmers to desist from tilling the land. The farmers refuse to do so, and said they will fight for their right to till the land. Pray tell, who is being dramatic and mediocre by doing nothing about an issue right under his nose?

    In the light of the recent declaration of Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s candidacy for Philippine president, it must be asked: will he uphold the interests not only of Hacienda Luisita farmers, but also of marginalized sectors the nation over? Or continue to stay silent amidst the Cojuangco family’s oppression of the Hacienda Luisita farmers alongside other atrocities committed by the political and socioeconomic elite against the people?

  • 37. sid  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 5:26 pm

    to atr: masyadong simplistic pagtingin moi. no wonder you apply the same thinking to noynoy and maybe Philippine politics in general.

  • 38. manuelbuencamino  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 6:07 pm


    tigahanga ka pala ni lito lapid.

  • 39. lumpiang proletariat  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 9:16 pm

    did the irony of being in a scene where he is shown to be namamangka sa (dalawang) ilog get lost on erstwhile Villar lapdog Boy Abunda and his mahiwagang salamin?

    pardon the shameless blogwhoring but here is my review of the video:


  • 40. Edgar Allan Paule  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 9:40 pm

    Okay, I’m officially overwhelmed by the number of viewers, so I’m not sure I can reply to all the comments. But let’s give it a shot:

    @everyone who asked if they can repost, yes please and thank you!

    @xrx: I don’t think I needed to expound on the conflict between classes. Marx, Mao, Lenin, and so many others have discussed that in so many books and articles. If you wanted to know more on that topic, perhaps you can read those? In the Philippine context, perhaps Amado Guerrero’s “Philippine Society and Revolution”? Thanks for reading my review nonetheless!

    @Gus Van Sant: I didn’t say that the ABSCBN-GMA7 unity showed in the video is hollow. I did explain, however, that it’s a far cry from the actual conflict that needs to be resolved, so in that case, for a metaphor, it’s relatively hollow. I agree that it’s a huge first step for those in the entertainment industry–after all, so many artistas evade/are ignorant of politics when in fact they contribute to it greatly, whether they are aware of it or not! So I’m glad that you guys are finally getting involved–and I do hope that your socio-political involvement in the future will become deeper than just making nice music videos pro bono.

    @dennis: I wasn’t thinking in terms of political correctness at all. I was, however, thinking in terms of how “entertainment” is political. A song or dance or film always has sociopolitical dimensions. It’s not about liking or not liking the video, but looking at its implications on our social condition. That is what we try to do in every review on this blog.

    @atr: I think we lost you somewhere in the middle of your paragraph. However, as I explained in the post (and as Lost very eloquently agreed), the parallelism of uniting the two stations and uniting the country is incredibly bankrupt. Conflict among the bourgeoisie is vastly different from conflict between classes. We weren’t being literal at all. If you didn’t get it, perhaps you can read the post again?

    Thanks for dropping by, everyone!

  • 41. shiela  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 10:05 pm

    lowest of lows for personality politics! mas maige pang magbasa ng mga sinulat ni nicanor perlas kesa panoorin tong kebabaw-babaw na video na to. punta na sa

  • 42. KittyCat  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 10:09 pm

    I liked the video … if you don’t know what Noy has done, read and be informed. He is honest and has the integrity other typical politicians don’t posses. We need to vote people who are clean … not those with empty promises. Noy and Mar will bring positive change to our country. The others will continue to take advantage of our people and the country. How will we move forward? Teodoro did not lift a finger during Ondoy .. now they pretend to be super ready for the succeeding calamities. Villar is a cheat and thinks only of himself. Erap is a joke and so is Chiz. What has Noy done? He has not cheated us in any way and cares for the country. Think about it …Be informed …

  • 43. Edgar Allan Paule  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 10:16 pm

    @KittyCat: He may have not cheated (yet–but then again, I’m not sure the Cojuangcos really need any more money) but he hasn’t done much else either. How long has he been in the government? He’s not even aware of the developments on a MAJOR national issue (the deadline imposed on Luisita workers) right in his own family’s backyard. What decent family member/congressman/senator wouldn’t be at least aware of such a situation?

    How can one claim to unite/heal a nation when, even after years of being a “representative,” he couldn’t even contribute to the resolution of an agrarian reform issue (hello, circa 1980s pa!) his family is involved in?

    Think about it… Be informed…

  • 44. Ganda  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 10:52 pm

    Great review Edgar Allan!
    I had the same thoughts on the ‘mtv’ too…

    @kittycat, I believe it will be better if we can put our respective candidates forward by their own ‘merits’ and not by telling the ‘bad’ attributes of the other candidates.
    To be fair with Gibo, I personally believe that he did the best that he could as NDCC chair. Not fair to say that he “did not lift a finger during Ondoy”.
    You just gave me something to think about – If Noynoy’s the NDCC chair, what could’ve he done? Will things be better? I don’t think so.

    Going back to the ‘mtv’…this ‘political ad’ of sorts simply translates IMHO as a ‘glitzy door to a hollow tunnel’. The Senator was not even given a line or two, to tell everyone what’s his platform’s all about…or maybe, there’s nothing substantial to say anyway…

  • 45. shenbrood  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 11:09 pm

    If there is one thing that has substance and in fact has the capacity to also have an ad as early as now but repeatedly refuse to do so because we need new politics and it must be practiced… it is Nicanor Perlas.

    He had been in public service for 40 years… had been a student activist… had helped farmers and indigenous people and lumads… has helped in the peace process… had made the Filipinos proud around the world by showcasing that Filipinos aspire more for this country.

    I would not be voting in 2010 if not for him. I am voting for him because he has a platform of a future for our country which we build through all of us.

    Nicanor Perlas deserves our support…

  • 46. shenbrood  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 11:11 pm

    I have also added a link to this article in my blog, “Noynoy Aquino Political Ad “Hindi Ka Nag-iisa” Backfires?” –>

  • 47. Edgar Allan Paule  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 11:24 pm

    @shenbrood: Thanks for the link!

  • 48. dhon_2  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 11:34 pm

    dapat si isinama ang ngpaubaya si MAR ang nakapwesto nakapwesto kaysa kay enrico villanueva ang vice nya? ay na sa HONEYMOON ng pala………

  • 49. myrna  |  03 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 11:45 pm

    It makes ,me sad to no end that people are thinking of voting someone whose only quality is mabait and did not cheat. I can say that of a million other people including myself, but that does not make me qualified to be president. THE PHILIPPINES IS BEING LEFT BEHIND. We need a Maverick with Balls of Steel, who can make hard decisions without asking an asawa or a sister. I don’t think NoyNoy has the guts or the intellectual gravitas to bring our country even an inch forward. We give ourselves too little credit and waste the sacrifices of the millions of OFWs keeping our country afloat. We owe it to them to vote capable people.

    Ask yourself who has the freshest ideas and is not afraid to bring this forward and present it, taking risks that is it accepted or not. At least there is an idea. Ask yourself who has been educated in other parts of the world so that there is a perspective that is different and in line with what we need to compete in the world. Ask for not the number of years but what you did with impact in those years.


    Chiz, or Gibo or sparingly Manny Villar.

    They all have some vison and the guts to back it up.

  • 50. Dahlia  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 12:18 am

    Everyone, I’m glad people are now no longer just buying into infomercials at the click of a finger. This means people now have the capacity to discern, be critical, and make informed decisions.

    You know guys, it’s really about time we get to know NICANOR PERLAS more. He is, for me, the ONLY REAL ALTERNATIVE—where there will be no longer a vote for the lesser evil. His websites:, If you really want a genuine alternative, the only person who is not tainted by traditional politics is NICK PERLAS.

  • 51. apol  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 1:03 am

    on a general note, i guess wala namang importansya na ang mga plataporma ng mga taong tatakbo, dahil halos lahat naman ng ito ay halos di natutupad.. sometimes we are being very judgemental on those people running for office, yes its natural dahil sila yung nagpapatakbo ng bansa natin, pero di rin ba natin naisip na sila lang ang namumuno pero tayo pa din ang kumikilos.. for the longest time, I guess ang kailangan lang natin is MAGKAISA..

    masyado na nating isinisisi lahat ng bagay sa mga namumuno, pero di natin alam tayo rin mismo ang nagiging sanhi ng mga problema ng bayan..

    yes kelangan maging matalino ng mga tao para sa pagpili ng mamumuno.. kung anu man ang motibo ng isang taong tatakbo sa pamumuno, siguro naman lahat sila may iisang parehong layunin, at yun ay yung makagawa ng pagbabago sa ating bansa.. ke sino man sya, may napatunayan o wala, mayaman o mahirap, may pinag-aralan o wala, basta nasa puso ang hangad na pagbabago sa tingin ko makakamit nya ito..

    malaking sakripisyo ang papasukin ng isang taong handang magmuno, di lang naman siguro para sa sarili nyang motibo pero para sa pangkalahatan..


  • 52. Chynchong  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 1:58 am

    I like your review. I agree with you on all points. Noynoy is just too quiet and passive. He has done nothing significant or notable in his whole political career. I’ve never heard him take a stand or express an opinion on critical issues. I don’t want a president with who blends in the background and is content to take the backseat. He/she has to be brave enough to take a stand even though its not the popular opinion and has to be bold enough to act on issues that need to be nipped at the bud. I don’t want a president who will politicize, politicize, and politicize. Puh-leeze! We already have enough trapos to drown us in Ondoy-proportions misery. I want a PROACTIVE president who delivers on his/her promise.
    If Noynoy wants to impress me then he must practice what he preaches. If you are for real change then start with your self. Give up Hacienda Luisita and give it to the farmers who are relying on it to survive. Then, I will re-think that maybe, just maybe, you are actually worth VOTING for.

    P.S. I also thought that it looked like a station ID.

  • 53. jake  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 2:28 am

    i don’t completely agree. with the quality of voters that we have, the masses in the provinces who can’t even read, or the rich ones whose idea of culture are telenovelas, sometimes ads like these are needed. even obama resorted to this approach. of course platforms need to be explained as well.

  • 54. jun.anteola  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 2:37 am

    plurked. facebooked. twitted. :p

  • 55. Sam Lee  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 3:09 am

    noynoy aquino was asked already regarding the hacienda luisita issue and he made a statement at the inquirer, around two to three days after he announced he is running for the presidency – their family share will be given up because the they are actually shouldering the cost of maintaining the place

    with regards to noynoy’s affiliation to the aquino name. isnt a crime for someone like him to use his family
    name? its his family name di ba? whats wrong with that, dio you want him to change it? ano ba yun? it isnt his fault that he was born with the aquino name? kung malinis ang pangalan nila bakit masama bang ang isang unico hijo na ipagtuloy ang tungkulin ng kanilang pamilya, mali ba yun? it would be bad for him not to take up the responsible role, hindi ba?

    he could have choose to rest on his laurels, be a senator and get married and have kids and settle for a comfortable life yet he is willing to sacrifice all this, set it aside and chose to lead, yeah he is his parent’s son, sino ba dito ang hindi, hindi ba yan ang dapat – to give honor to your parents and it proves ninoy and cory aquino brought him up well not to forget. bayan muna bago ang sarili

    its noynoy aquino for president – hindi marunong mag-padded ng insertion sa national budget – hindi sya artista – hindi sya mayabang – hindi sya sinungaling – hindi sya abuso sa kapangyarihan.

    with regards to the video, can an ad answer all the questions that needed to be answer – in 3 minutes? no! kahit tignan mo ang mga ads nina villlar, loren, mar, bayani hindi naman nila naipakita ang platform nila di ba? i think, hindi naman yan goal ng mtv obviously the purpose of the mtv is to show everyone who among the celebrities will vote for noynoy aquino on may 2010 – masama ba yun? lahat naman tayo nadadala sa endorsements hindi ba? maging totoo naman tayo who would buy clear? lucky me? or bench if celebrities would endorse it? who would go to skin clinic? gym? if celebrities or famous people arent into it? why the outrageous reaction to this particular ad maybe because si kris aquino? pangit naman kung wala si kris or james yap eh kamag-anak sila di ba and celebrities in their on right.

    ipagpatuloy ang laban – tama yan!
    nonynoy aquino and mar roxas for 2010

  • 56. Mizo  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 7:11 am

    Sam Lee, Koreano ka ba? di ako expert sa english language pero lalo ako nadidismaya ke noynoy dahil sa pagkakasulat mo.

    i would praise noynoy if he backs out with a realization that there are at least two other candidates who are more capable of steering this country to progress. he should realize that he just jumped unto an opportunity to go after the marcos wealth, as he announced in club filipino, as a result of the succesful stirring of de quiros and roces.

    i thank edgar allan paule for providing us with this avenue to express our ideas and ward off the 60% notion as the answer to our needs.

  • 57. Haggerty Voice  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 7:48 am

    Tama ka MIzo, The way Sam Lee defends Noynoy it seems he is not living in the Philippine reality. He must be from North Korea and the grandson of Kim Jong il. We are even fooled by Noynoy when he theatrically made a retreat to firm up his decision, we all know even before that he had already made a decision. Yeah, i never fail to read de quiros articles but when he endorses noynoy i realized he must have reached his peak in the philippine journalism. He is not the voice of change and conscience as he used to be. I believe, there is a better option for Nicanor Perlas.

  • 58. ellen  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 8:52 am

    The video ad contained people who put their heart in making it because they have genuine sincerity and hope that this nation deserves to rise up. But i still believe that Noynoy will NOT be the leader to lead this nation to genuine change. Since we want change then we should truly know all the presidentiables in terms of their character, competence, courage and credibility. thanks Edgar

  • 59. john santiago  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 9:47 am

    ayan na naman po tayo. di ba dapat wag na nating pagtuunan ng pansin ang mga infomercials na ginagawa ng mga kandidato. kung meron kayong napipisil na kandidato iboto niyo siya pero para mag siraan tayo at mag punaan ng mga kung ano ano, ibuhos na lang natin ang ating atensiyon sa kung ano ang magagawa nating tulong sa ibinoto nating kandidato. hindi naman yan si villar, gibo, erap o noynoy bagkus ang pagtulong tulong natin sa ating tatahaking landas tungo sa pagbabago kasama ang ating ibinotong kandidato. ang nakagawian na natin baguhin natin kahit na sino pa ang manalo sa kanila. ang pagboto ay personal nating gusto at ng kanino man. si edgar ayaw niya ke noynoy ibig sabihin gusto niya sa iba. ang tanong yong gusto niya ba sigurado siya na yon na ang gagawa ng pagbabagong gusto ng lahat? wag ng mag siraan bagkus ay tumulong kahit sa maliit na magagawa mo at palagay ko ay hindi kasama diyan ang sumulat ng mga malalalim na mensahe pero ang nilalaman ay ang manira at mamuna.

  • 60. Edgar Allan Paule  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 10:00 am

    @apol: beautiful sentiments. however, the reality is that hindi lang “puso” ang kailangan para tumakbo. ni hindi kailangan ng puso para tumakbo. paano ba makikita kung hangad talaga ng isang kandidato ang “pagbabago” (and by that i mean actually shifting political power away from the elite and more towards the working class, and making the government serve the majority’s interests more, i.e. basic social services, less commercialization and privatization and deregulation, etc) o kung hangad lang nilang protektahan ang mga interes nila at ng kanilang mga pamilya?

    maaaring matinding sakripisyo ang pagkandidato bilang pangulo. pero maaari rin itong tignan bilang matinding “investment.”

    @jake: perhaps the masses in the provinces (and in the cities too) can’t read because education is so expensive, commercialized, poor-quality and generally inaccessible. because government doesn’t prioritize education. because keeping the masses “stupid” benefits, politically and economically, those in power.

    and i think obama’s case is wildly different. in the first place, he didn’t come from a long-standing political clan. and his platforms were clear–there was much public debate and campaigning and speeches to flesh that out.

    @jun: thank you!

    @sam lee: THREE DAYS after he announces the campaign? assuming that’s true, WOW, talk about too little too late! 2004 pa yung issue. 5 years? did they have to allow the massacre to happen in order to do that? why couldn’t they have decided to distribute the land in 2004 itself? heck, why didn’t they distribute the land when Cory approved CARP during her term?

    it’s not him using his family name that’s annoying. it’s that he’s using his parents’ legacy as a vehicle for campaigning–a legacy which he didn’t necessarily contribute to. isn’t that nepotism of some sort?

    and wow, isn’t his life comfortable? hindi naman ata siya naghihirap.

    about the endorsements, are you REALLY serious? are you saying that choosing the next president is like choosing shampoo? or noodles? or clothes? it’s THAT kind of thinking that keeps our country a political disaster.

    yes, celebrities, like all other citizens, have the right and duty to be politically involved. what we must ascertain, however, is the level, extent and agenda of their political involvement. important decisions like this should never be based on fame alone.

    @everyone, thanks for dropping by and contributing to the discussion! i’m glad we have a venue for this, and that we are raising and contesting valid points that we can mull over.

  • 61. Edgar Allan Paule  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 11:43 am

    @john santiago, huwag mo naman maliitin ang kritisismo ng kultura. ibang usapin ang pagsuporta sa kandidato. hindi “paninira” ang rebyu na ito, kundi pagkilatis sa music video sa konteksto ng eleksyon at pulitika. paano natin tatahakin ang landas ng pagbabago kung walang pagsusuri?

  • 62. len  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 12:21 pm

    i find this very interesting. pwede bang i-repost?
    thanks :-)

  • 63. Edgar Allan Paule  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 12:31 pm

    @len, sure :)

  • 64. BATANG-PAGBABAGO  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 12:44 pm

    ako ay sumisigaw na ng PAGBABAGO noon pang 2004 at mga sumusunod na taon…sa mga tatakbo sa pagkapangulo o PANGGULO lamang dapt mga Pinoy alam ang paltaporma de gobierno di lamang pagpapasikat at paggamit ng mga celebrity at kung sinong sikat ay nagagamit kawawa naman ako at ang magiging ank ko kung sa mga taong ito ang pamumuno ng ating bayan…..

    di ko na kailangan ang lesser evil kasi marami nun sa paligid natin gahaman sa kapangyarihan at sa salapi… sanay matuto na tayo PINOY


    ako ay para sa matueid na pamumuno ..di kayang mabili ng salapi at masilaw sa kapangyarihan

    kilala mo ang aking tinutukoy

  • 65. carlospalanca  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 1:17 pm

    Interesting review. Just wondering why a “misbegotten piece”, if I may borrow the words of one previous comment, would deserve this kind of intelligent analyses and discourse from such an enlightened pack. How come Villar’s, Chiz’s, Gibo’s and other political infomercials didn’t get this much attention and debate, considering they’ve had it airing much longer than Noynoy’s and are definitely so much more intrusive and direct in speaking to the voters. Oh I guess, theirs are not as ‘misbegotten’ as Noynoy’s to be talked about. Oh well just thinking aloud.

  • 66. ramil joaquin  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 1:23 pm

    I am hopeful that this coming 2010 Presidential Elections is the beginning of the “New Philippines, New Filipinos”. Let us vote wisely. Don’t just get fooled by star-studded ads such as these that can only be afforded by the rich and influential minority right at the top of the social triangle!

  • 67. Haggerty Voice  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 1:53 pm

    Shiela @dahlia. Tama kayo day. Dapat lang bumisita sila sa website ni Nick Perlas to read real reviews, stories and platform about a real candidate for presidency. It is what Ramil expects to find. A low-profile candidate but with a clear articulated vision. Information on this candidate, courtesy of his indefatigable supporters, are packed with true facts and strategies on how to uplift the Philippine condition. There is no rumor and entertainment there but a challenge to take.

  • 68. Ruben Z. Martinez  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 4:17 pm

    Lets not go beyond what the video or the maker of the video wants to. Its an entertainment and inspirational video with all the dramatics. WE can only compare it with other political ad. It does not discuss political platform or governance strategy. there are proper places for those things and definitely not in an MTV video. Lets not begrudge on the artist who supports a candidate, they have their rights or freedom to choose their own candidate to support. Of course, there are images that seek to convey subtle political statement, hindi naman cguro tanga ang mga tao, na hindi nila makita ang mga ito. enjoying the video does not mean one has to support Noynoy. For all its fault, may taste ang video at maganda ang pagkakagawa. Dapat dahil sa professional artist ang gumawa.

  • 69. Haggerty Voice  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 5:06 pm

    @Ruben. To believe that the maker of the video just simply wants us to enjoy it, is the least of its real intent. there is no question about the aesthetics which is truly captivating and spectacular as infotainment. it is its political subtlety that draws us to cast our opinions. No doubt, It is not a mere MTV, it is, nonetheless, a political ad, that speaks very contrary to the record, capability and personality of the candidate who never has a vision except that which borrowed from his parents. We can enjoy any work of art but we always refuse to be deceived.

  • 70. TheWalruz  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 7:04 pm

    im giving my vote to noynoy because right now im choosing the lesser evil(if you think being passive is evil). Anyone who still wants erap for presidency is a fool, we already experienced his leadership and its a disaster. Manny Villar? See C5 controversy for reference. I dont know why he still deny his involvement in that project when the evidence clearly shows he had a hand on that. Chiz E.?Some people who defend his track record clearly has not been to Sorsogon. If you cant fix your hometown what more the country.Gibo?The GMA and Danding connection. Its funny the blogger here continously associate noynoy to danding when gibo is the closer relative(remember gibo is one of danding defendant in his case against the govt–i think its about the controvesial coco levy) and i havent heard the aquinos once ally themselves to danding(im not a conspiracy theorist but danding is one of the suspected mastermind(one of the convicted soldier in aquino-galman named him)in ninoy slay).Nicanor Perlas?maybe he has good intention in running but will the ordinary people vote for him.

    I know noynoy has many shortcomings–his passiveness, lack of will and leadership, being a hen-pecked brother etc but i think this things can be curbed and corrected. And listening to his opinions in pertinent issues he is promising. Now the only thing is–and i hope–he must not fall into a trap his mother fell through. That is listening and having TRAPOS as his adviser.

  • 71. finina  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 8:27 pm

    Some people are born with the ability to create so that those who are born to criticize can have something to do with their lives. Enjoy! :)

  • 72. GeejayAr  |  04 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 10:10 pm

    @TheWalruz and everyone else,

    Why choose the “lesser evil” when there is a GOOD in the person of Nick Perlas?

  • 73. Jeco  |  05 Nov 2009 (Thu) at 12:01 am

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion or vote that is. If you are voting for Noynoy, I congratulate you because you have at least exercised your right to vote and your responsibility as a citizen.

    But Noynoy as I see him is just fueled by the people around him, and true to critic above of this tv ad, has no clear platform of what his government will be. If his mother hasnt passed away, if Mar Roxas was at least in the top 1 or 2 of the pre- election surveys, I wouldnt think such a coalition would not have come into fruition. It was bore out of necessity.. nagkataon lang.

    I would like to have a president who has a plan of action. I would have given my vote to BF Fernando, but clearly, he is not winnable. He did fail to impress in the debates, but his actions and will power to effectively implement law is evident. This man has vision. Noynoy has guts, but cannot be altogether pulled by the emotion and the heroic shadow of his parents.

    Mar Roxas, if you may know is a kababayan of mine from Roxas City. I would have voted for him (the least). If you havent visited Roxas City, Capiz – it is the so called seafood capital of the Phils.. very bountiful indeed. But if you compare cities like Zamboanga, CDO, even Dumaguete. Roxas City has fallen way behind. Thanks to the family of Mar they have effectively monopolized businesses there and has continued so thus contributing to the province’s mediocre performance.

  • 74. peter dela cruz  |  05 Nov 2009 (Thu) at 1:50 am

    you guys watch too much tv and actually look for meaning in it.

    stop finding sense and depth in ads that is pointless….

  • 75. Edgar Allan Paule  |  05 Nov 2009 (Thu) at 2:00 am

    @carlospalanca: 1. we only began blogging recently, so surely, the newer ads caught our attention. 2. unlike the other usual political ads which are pretty easy to decode and are blunt in their message, Noynoy’s new music video is a more complex audiovisual piece with various symbolisms and meanings begging to be analyzed. The unprecedented all-star cast, for one, is quite historical, and that itself merits a review, as it certainly has more notable implications. 3. it is our opinion that however “misbegotten” or mundane a piece of pop culture is, if it has major implications on society, then it is worth a second look.

    @ Ruben Z. Martinez: As Roland Barthes put it, the author is dead. Writing, or in this case filmmaking, is a product of culture and ideology, thus it can and/or should be analyzed regardless of the author’s intentions. After all, the author may not necessarily be aware of his work’s implications. And I believe that I raised fair points which were concretely based on the video. I am not begrudging artists who show political support–it is every citizen’s right and duty to do so. You say that the video “seeks to convey subtle political statement,” and that is precisely why I reviewed the piece: to help clarify and flesh out these statements and meanings, and when necessary, contest them.
    You mention enjoying the video. Pleasure is a political act, mediated by social context, class positions, gender and other factors. Entertainment isn’t innocent.

    And yes, I agree, the video is technically well-made. This technical polish was created precisely to translate into votes and support for Noynoy. That makes the video more than just “entertainment and dramatics.”

    @finina, I’d hate to go into a nature vs nurture debate. I’d hate to dignify your put-down on criticism, because obviously, you don’t appreciate or comprehend the value of criticism, which is integral to artistic creation.

    @peter de la cruz, regardless of the depth/sense of TV, the fact is that millions of Filipinos watch it, and it affects our lives. Surely it’s not pointless to analyze on that basis. Oh and by the way, I only watched the full video on YouTube, not on network TV itself.

  • 76. Baby Mendoza  |  05 Nov 2009 (Thu) at 9:00 am

    Para sa akin perfect ang political ad ni Noynoy. Hindi katulad ng ibang ads obvious na obvious. Fake in other words. May hawak na bibi, nagpupunta sa putikan, binibigyan ng pamasahe galing middle east para makauwi sa Pilipinas. Parang hindi totoo.

  • 77. Haggerty Voice  |  05 Nov 2009 (Thu) at 9:15 am

    @Baby Mendoza. Yeah it is perfect, perfectly-crafted to boost the chances of an opportunist candidate who has a mediocre intelligence and capability aside from having a nasty habit of driveling while speaking incoherently having difficulty clearing his mind from too much smoking and drinking. Check for an option. With the other candidates, yes they are fake as in fakirs in fine clothes.

  • 78. Ruben Z. Martinez  |  05 Nov 2009 (Thu) at 10:09 am

    Thanks for the comment on my earlier post. Are we ready for Nikki Perlas? or is the Philippines ready for Nikki Perlas? He is my friend and I know him to be a very good person, a strong advocate of sustainable development, a doer who can translate his ideas into concrete action. But the question remains, is the kind of political consciousness that people have enough to bring him to Malacanang. During the Asian forum on solidarity economy, we the Philippine facilitating team together with Advocates for Servant Leader pushed for the governing differently agenda. It should not be business as usual for us. We cannot afford another President cast in the same mold of their predecessor. There are lots of things to be done. However, even the newly elected President by himself cannot effect that change. ABS-CBN has hit the issue right in the center, change has to start with me, with us. All of us are part of networks of shared belief and interest, but our groups when taken individually cannot effect the change we are looking for. In the first place even the change agenda has to be sufficiently clear. It is very easy to call for pag-kakaisa but what is the direction of that unity? Short term tactical alliance may work, just as in EDSA 2, but where did it lead us? Compromise? eventually, things will fall apart, kaya nga may Hyatt 10.

  • 79. ben  |  05 Nov 2009 (Thu) at 11:02 am

    Wow this blog is finally getting some hits. Don’t forget to say thank you to Noynoy and his video. LOL!

  • 80. Ruben Z. Martinez  |  05 Nov 2009 (Thu) at 11:08 am

    I just visited the web page of Mr. Perlas and found the plataporma pangmasa well crafted and sufficiently detailed. Governance and sustainable development is an all inclusive process, hindi pwede maexclude ang isang sector dahil sa burgis sila. May rule of law at hindi natin sila pwedeng walain sa political and economic landscape. Unless of course parang cultural revolution ng china under MTT na pinag trabaho sila sa kanayunan. Pati ang mga burgis intellectual. I have only one comment on the platform, centralized pa rin ang governance. The issue of decentralization and devolution has been a long standing issue. if there is to be meaningfull change there has to be changes at the grassroots and LGU governance. We have seen how non-traditional politician can effect change in their own municipality. The question is do we have enough LGU executives to support a president. Of course, once your the President, the LGU will gravitate to you for support. However, the relation is still patronage and transactional politics, give me the IRA or pork barrel and i would do what you wnat, as long as it does not change the political equation. No LGU executive will do something radical which will endanger chance of reelection. It can be popular but if it is morally correct is another matter. I agree that we have to start somewhere, but the change process, cannot be drastic unless it is a revolutionary government we are envisioning. the government bureaucracy is one area that has to change. We can see corruption from the head to the lowly rank and file, what to do? change everybody in the government, or promote moral recovery program just like what FVR did with the help of Ms. Goco and Shahani? Probably hindi kaya ng Presidente ang gawin lahat ng ito sa isang term, pero yung reengineering the buraeucracy has to start somewhere. Nag-uumpisa yan sa financing the campaign. makakatulong kung ilalatag din ng candidato kung saan mangagaling ang campaign funds nila, di ba masaya…

  • 81. maxx  |  05 Nov 2009 (Thu) at 11:09 am

    @Ruben Martinez – you asked if the Philippines is ready for Nicanor Perlas? If not now, then when? They all say the US wasn’t ready for a black president – but he did become president. If not now, then when? when the Philippines is too poor to even pick ourselves up? When the middle class is gone out of the country and leave the Philippines in the mercy of the high classes and the low classes and start conflicts? Or when another typhoon strike and we are more than not ready for it? Or when the forests and the rivers die? or when the animals are still abused, and criminals are still robbing banks… I don’t know, but Nicanor Perlas is worth the shot. I won’t even mind voting for him or Teodoro. I don’t want to have another Aquino in malacanang, the same clan who can’t even resolve a dispute over at Hacienda Luisita, which killed 14 people, 2 of which are kids, wounded at least 133 people… if that’s saying anything about decisions and leadership then I would be really scared about our future.

  • 82. benj  |  05 Nov 2009 (Thu) at 11:36 am

    the unifying factor for noynoy is that he came out of cory’s vagina. good for him.

  • 83. GagongTambay  |  05 Nov 2009 (Thu) at 2:13 pm

    opinyon ko lang po

    1. doing nothing = less evil = evil nonetheless. Lalo na kung niluklok ka sa pwesto/katungkulan dahil and mga tao ay umaasa na ikaw ay kikilos at tutulong sa kanila. di ka pinaupo sa pwesto para literally umupo at tumungaga.

    2. naniniwala din ako na ang pagbabago at pag-unlad ay nakasalalay din sa atin ngunit di natin pwedeng ipag sa walang bahala kung sino ang namumuno. malaki ang papel na ginagampanan ng pangulo sa pag-hikayat ng mga mag-i-invest sa bansa natin para magkatrabaho ang nakararami.

    3. di ko sinisisi noynoy dahil ang apilyido nya ay aquino kundi dahil sa isyung “misrepresentation”. hindi porke’t anak ka ng magulang mo ay ikaw na din sila. hindi na pa niya napatutunayan yon at sana huwag gawing “testing ground” yung pagkapangulo. napakalaking sugal noon. napaktagal na niya sa gobyerno at sa tingin ko ay malaking palugit na yung binigay natin sa kanya para patunayan yoon.

    4. asar ako sa ad na to hindi lamang dahil sa puno ng drama at walang sinasabi tungkol sa kanyang platarporma kundi dahil na din star studded to. di ko inaalis sa mga artista ang sumuporta sa kanilang kandidato pero sana ay mas isinaalang alang nila yung kanilang sariling impluwensya. nagkakaroon kasi ng ibang kulay kapag gumamit ka ng impluwensya ng iba. napatunayan na natin na di talagang mabuting bumoto dahil lamang sa impluwensya tulad nga nang kay erap. masakit mang aminin e may ilan sa mga kababayan nating salat sa edukasyon ay boboto dahil yun ang kandidato ng paborito artista. nakakainis na sinasamantala yung pagkakataon na yon.

    5. ang pag-unite ng mga artista ng magkabilang istasyon ay maaring ituring na achievement pero sa entertainment industry lang. ang pilipinas ay di tumatakbo/umiinog sa entertainment.

    6. di porke’t di ka nanonood ng tv ay di na din manonood ang kapitbahay mo at ang buong pilipinas. ilang ulit nang napatunayan sa mga pag-aaral/pagsusuri na malaki ang epekto ng telebisyon / media sa lipunan. may epekto ito sa atin. at bilang kabilang sa pinalad na nakakaunawa, di bat tungkulin nating ipaalam it ituro sa iba iyon? di ba’t isa sa mga problema ng bayan e edukasyon tapus kapag nandito na ang pagkakataon na magturo ng importanteng bagay e magbubulag-bulagan at magbibingi-bingihan pa tayo.

    7. kung ikaw ay nag-aaply ng trabaho (except sa entertainment industry), di ka sasayaw / kakanta / tatakbong may hawak na sulo. ipapakita mo sa potential employer mo yung kakayanan mo sa pagpapakita ng resume / cv mo. di ba’t parang ganun din yang mga ad na yan? di naman sya uupo sa pagkapangulo para mag entertain. para nga sa akin eh mas effective pa yung ads nung ibang kandidato kahit gaano man ito ka-boring.

    yun lamang po.

  • 84. pru  |  05 Nov 2009 (Thu) at 11:01 pm

    @gagong tambay – very very well said. I agree to all you wrote.

  • 85. theWalruz  |  06 Nov 2009 (Fri) at 7:21 pm

    gagong tambay for president!

    i hope some people wll back up their words at hindi lang puro salita hehe

  • 86. Oliver  |  07 Nov 2009 (Sat) at 1:42 am

    This is a great post, and will be reposting it at Noynoy’s Facebook page to stir up some debate.

    Upon inquiring about Noy’s platform, beliefs, and thoughts on specific issues, the main responses I got from the admin running his page were a.) “the official campaign period has yet to start so there is no platform yet” (this made me laugh really really hard, followed by utter sadness and disappointment. this was an actual argument from his campaign team). and b.) the platform is being “deliberated carefully as Noy travels around the country to listen to Filipinos’ concerns, and will be rolled out soon.”

    Sad, but actual responses.

  • 87. Oliver  |  07 Nov 2009 (Sat) at 1:50 am

    This was my question on his FB wall: If Noynoy represents a new breed of Filipino leaders, then why does he (or his campaign staff) use readily apparent celebrity advertising?

    This was the response from the page admin (note the very self-righteous tone):

    First of all, it’s been explained several times in this site that policies and platforms are being deliberated carefully and will be rolled out when they are ready. These are not things to be rushed. The other candidates have had YEARS of preparation, while Sen. Aquino only decided 2 months ago. You just refuse to accept or … Read Morebelieve it, and so continue to question it here.

    His asking for donations and volunteers is not a demand. You have the choice to refuse if you think that his candidacy isn’t something you can believe in. The many people who are signing on and contributing believe in him and are doing it for their own reasons, probably because his integrity represents a breath of fresh air. You have been shown his record in office, he has answered fairly tough questions posed by Cheche Lazaro on Probe Profiles (If you care to watch it), and he is now showing that he is intent on involving the people in formulating the meat of his policies by traveling from region to region to listen to them. Is there anything else you’d like to know?

    Also, I don’t understand your reaction to the ad. It was stated explicitly that it was not an officially sanctioned ad but one that was lovingly made by celebrities who support him. So he was invited to take part, why is that a bad thing? Did the lyrics say VOTE FOR NOYNOY? From what I can see, it just said that “we are behind you”. Do you see the positive reactions here? People liked the message, it means something to them. You just choose to devalue the message because of the celebrity endorsements. That’s fine, it’s your choice to do that, but why insult those who liked the message? It’s not Sen. Aquino’s fault that the best way to reach the general population is through television and celebrities. It’s just the way it is, traditional, yes, but one can’t ignore a glaring fact. To effect change, one has to be in the best position to do it first. Do you have an alternative you’d like to suggest?

  • 88. Haggerty Voice  |  07 Nov 2009 (Sat) at 7:16 am


    Indeed. hahaha. Noynoy and his supporters all in one have no idea whatsoever how to address the issue plaguing our society today. So showbiz na showbiz pala talaga, the MTV is just the advertisement, no wonder it is too long. And to know recently that he is patronizing Estrada for a merger only shows he is not the color yellow. Black as in tartar of the cigarette butt and pale as whiskey on the rocks!

  • 89. Edgar Allan Paule  |  07 Nov 2009 (Sat) at 9:50 am

    @Oliver: Wow, that’s a horrible response indeed from the page admin. We weren’t questioning if the video was lovingly made or not (as it obviously was). The point was its message and what it communicates.

    “First of all, it’s been explained several times in this site that policies and platforms are being deliberated carefully and will be rolled out when they are ready. These are not things to be rushed. The other candidates have had YEARS of preparation, while Sen. Aquino only decided 2 months ago.” <–But he was in public office for, like, how many years? Surely he must have an inkling of what our nation's basic problems are, or what the country needs. That's part of a politician's job, right? Especially one who was a member of the House and the Senate, where all these national issues are discussed. Ano siya, estudyanteng tinawag ng maestra, tapos walang maisagot, caught off-guard dahil hindi nagreview/nagmemorize ng leksyon?

    "Did the lyrics say VOTE FOR NOYNOY? From what I can see, it just said that “we are behind you”. Do you see the positive reactions here? People liked the message, it means something to them. You just choose to devalue the message because of the celebrity endorsements." <— Uh, yeah. The lyrics say, "we are behind you," meaning, "I hope you guys, after viewing this, will choose to do the same, because Noynoy's the beeeessst, see, all these stars are supporting him na o, join na!" We’re not stoopid. If these stars/people just wanted to let Noynoy know that they support him, they could send him an email or something. Broadcasting/flaunting it to the public is a different matter, a different intention altogether. As to the message, well, I think I already explained my interpretation of the message in the review itself.

    "To effect change, one has to be in the best position to do it first."
    That's such a lame excuse. What's the best position, anyway? Besides, I think being a congressman or senator was a good-enough position to effect some form of change. What happened?

    Thanks for the comment, Oliver. That surely affirmed some things.

  • 90. ann  |  07 Nov 2009 (Sat) at 11:59 am

    @Edgar and haggerty – true. It may not say Vote for Noynoy but the subliminal message says so. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this video blares an obvious: Vote for Noynoy. But I am not falling for it either.

    @Oliver – YEARS of preparation? Isn’t that what’s it’s supposed to be? That’s why they are in public office to see, hear, address, come up with solutions in YEARS. Noynoy only has 2 months? huh? and he has been in the office for 20 years? So what happened to those 19 years and 10 months? Please, it is YOU who don’t (or refused) to see that Noynoy is NOT the best candidate for this position. Would you like to contribute to the distruction of our country? go ahead.

  • 91. ann  |  07 Nov 2009 (Sat) at 12:10 pm

    Besides I’m looking more into Perlas or Gibo. I saw their tv ads and though it is somewhat boring compared to the star studded ad of Noynoy, it actually made a lot of sense.

    It’s actually better in communicating what they want our country to be in the future. People are just too blinded with the sight of artists or singers who have plastic surgery to make themselves look more american than filipino, or bleached themselves to look more tisoy than kayumanggi. Where’s the patriotism in that? Are you actually going to trust those people who don’t even want to look filipino? I’d rather trust Manny Pacquaio. At least he’s not done any nose job inspite of all his hard earned millions.

    I am just not voting for Noynoy. No sir.

  • 92. ann  |  07 Nov 2009 (Sat) at 12:26 pm

    someone said The Philippines is not ready for Perlas… then when are we ever ready? They said the United States wasn’t ready for a black president but then Obama won. I say we should do the same, scrap out those politicians who rely on celebs and artists to reach out to people… let them walk. Celebrities aren’t the only ones who can reach millions. For one, I don’t watch Wowowee or ASAP or whatever the low standard of entertainment we have in the channels. I watch NBN more or ETC. hahaha. NBN because that’s where we will see real news, weather updates, useful info on saftey, etc… yea it’s a government channel… but at least they are doing their job in public info. During Ondoy, I relied on NBN not so much on ABS or GMA. It doesn’t mean I’m pro-Gloria. It just means that I want to have real news. If I want entertainment, I’d rather watch Project Runway Philippines. Campaign ads with celebs are just too pathetic.

  • 93. Ipat Luna  |  09 Nov 2009 (Mon) at 9:48 am

    I agree, Perlas deserves a long hard look. I don’t want to diss Noynoy just yet, but I’ve been waiting for a platform and all I got was this anti-corruption platitude that didn’t say how.

    I think when Nicky says participatory devolution, it can be interpreted as decentralized governance. This is part and parcel of green politics. I am saddened that Noynoy has not been heard or seen mentioning anything environmental.

    I am particularly impressed with Nicky’s argument that “winnability” is a moving target. Winnability is UP TO THE VOTERS. Bakit pa may eleksyon kung sa winnability magkakatalo. Also that you can’t force a non-trapo into a trapo form of winning an election. Nicky quotes Albert Einstein: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Reminds me of “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.

    If we are all so frustrated, we have to FIND SOMEONE ELSE. Take the time to look at

    I’m voting for whoever wins the People’s Primaries, I hope it will be Nicky.

  • 94. Ruben Z. Martinez  |  09 Nov 2009 (Mon) at 10:23 am

    Who else from the non-trapo are presenting themselves in the people’s primaries. I hope we can have a pool but if not going through the process will ensure that firstly, he is indeed the choice of the people’s primaries. Submitting one self to such process is already a test. GEtting the nomination and later being proclaimed as a candidate of the people is really something to look forward to. This legitimization process is also done by trapo, the signature campaign which enjoined or convinced Cory Aquino to run for president was one example. I posed a rhetorical question Are the people ready for Perlas. Let it be cleared that I am not saying that the people are not ready for Perlas. It is the outcome of the election that will answer that question. At this point we can only speculate on it, based on our own appreciation of the political culture. Your guess is as good as mine or any other guess by keen political observer.

  • 95. Ruben Z. Martinez  |  09 Nov 2009 (Mon) at 10:24 am

    Also i am not saying that Cory ‘Aquino is a trapo. the two sentence are not linked. there should be several more sentences to separate the two, he he he..

  • 96. luisitamagsasaka  |  09 Nov 2009 (Mon) at 10:37 am

    Nice review!

    just like to share:

    I have made a commitment to myself and my country that I will not be swayed by emotions when choosing our next president. I am better than that.

    I will not vote for a president who does not have the capability to lead. I will not vote for an inexperienced leader. I will not be swayed by famous endorsers. I will, instead, intelligently look at track record and a proven ability.

    We all deserve a better tomorrow – and the young have the biggest stake in that.

    and Noynoy will not be my president… parang ang labo ng image niya- kung wala ang mga artista and even kris… plus the family name… sino siya?

  • 97. luisitamagsasaka  |  09 Nov 2009 (Mon) at 11:54 am

    Ito ang nagpapatunay ng kababawan ng kandidatura ni Noynoy. Walang plataporma. Walang sinasabi maliban sa pagnakaw sa konsepto ng kanyang mga magulang. Di nag-iisa? Pano ang mga kawawang magsasaka ng Hacienda Luisita? Nag-iisa sila, Noy! Dadamayan mo ba sila?

    Gusto tayong lokohin sa pamamagitan ng mga artistang alam naman nating nakuha dahil sa impluwensiya ni Kris Aquino at Boy Abunda. Nakakahiya talaga. Yan ba ang gusto natin? Wag na tayo magpadala sa kasinungalingan ng isang malinaw na walang kakayahan! Tuloy ang laban para sa hustisya para sa mga magsasaka ng Hacienda Luisita!

  • 98. ben lee  |  09 Nov 2009 (Mon) at 3:25 pm

    Dude(luisitamagsasaka), sino nga ba si noy? yun ang itatanong ko. kung wala ang apelyido nya o koneksyon. ano na lang ang meron sya pre? siguro kung anong meron sya eh wala ka din nun. Credibility and integrity. you strive to see what is wrong, you hide behind a nickname that solicits support. it sucks dragging other people in it. you got a problem at hacienda luisita tell it to the face of the cojuangco’s last time I heard. the Hacienda is a corporation owned by the family (gibo, danding et al). yet I doubt you know that didn’t you… anyway tata

  • 99. Edgar Allan Paule  |  09 Nov 2009 (Mon) at 3:44 pm

    @ben lee: I’m not sure if you’re even aware of the Luisita issue. Or CARP in general? Perhaps you’d like to read up on it. Last time the farmers tried to air their positions at the Cojuangcos, they got peppered with bullets.

  • 100. teresita woodard  |  09 Nov 2009 (Mon) at 8:01 pm

    labas na si noynoy sa mga issue na yan, huwag na ninyo isali diyan si noynoy at hindi siya kasalindiyan maybe iyong iba kamag-anak ng mga cojoangco but not noynoy aquino, sio noynoy anak ni ninoy ng bayani ng pilipinas nagbuwis ng buhay para makamta demokrasya na dati ay wala na, nabalkik dahil sa pagbubuwis ng buhay ni ninoy, so, the pilipinos should start from ninoy’s death, napilian magpresident si cory, ngayon, nakikita si ninoy very proud kay noynoy, like lord jehovah ang image niya ay si lord jesus; si ninoy his image is noynoy, ninoy is very proud now, wherever he is, he is sa happy and so proud na ang anak niya magtutuloy ng kanyang nasimulan, finally, nabuo ang puzzle, here comes noynoy, the next president of the Republic of the Philippines, mamaay kayo sa inggit mga critics ni noynoy ha ha ha! Kita nyo ako ni hindi ko sila kilala persinally, wala ako hangad kundi pagbabago ng buhay ng mahihirap na pilipino na palagi nase=set aside kahit sinio naging presidente na, ngvayon, si noymar, let us see how the philippines will change, let us give a chance to noymar, kaysa iba tgrapo kakasawa na ha ha ha sobra na nalunod na sa power ayaw na bumitaw kakahiya na ha ha ha!!!

  • 101. teresita woodard  |  09 Nov 2009 (Mon) at 8:23 pm

    wala na kau magagawa noymar na ha ha ha at last dumating ang tunay na pambato ng pilipinas diosko mga trapo eh bakit inuuna ninyo mga sarili ninyo instead na iangat buhay ng mahihirap, buhay ninyo inaangat niyo eh angat na kayo ak, hindi ba kayo naawa sa mga tao nakatira sa carton, kayo kaya tumira sa carton, how would u feel? mayayaman na kayo, sa inyo pa din lahat, mga pilipino pag mahirap ha, wala pang down sa ospital, pababayaan mamatay hindi bibigyan ng first aid man lang gaano kahirap diyan di ba? Pero sila headache lang makati med o di ba? ako ang hirap ko eh isusubo ko na lang ibibigay ko pa sa kapitbahay ko, sinisimot ko talaga bawat pera ko makatulong lang sa sobrang kawawa, kahit konti lang natutulungan ko bibnibigay ko whatever i have, hindi ako timawa, bottom line . . . . . . . . .

  • 102. teresita woodard  |  09 Nov 2009 (Mon) at 8:27 pm

    Hindi natutulog ang diyos kung ayaw nyo matakot bahala kayo!

  • 103. ann  |  09 Nov 2009 (Mon) at 10:32 pm

    @teresita woodard – I don’t even want to consider your comment a sensible one. if that’s what Noynoy’s supporters are… maybe you should go back to the abs-cbn studio and line up to watch wowowee.

    anyway, I got infuriated with the convo I had with my mom this morning. She said, “What ERAP said yesterday in Kris Aquino’s show was very touching, he said that his support for the Aquinos is way beyond politics.”

    I gasped. Haha? what? Way beyond politics? If it isn’t politics, Erap would just have called Kris on the cel and tell her so – NOT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. If people are dumb – they would believe all Erap and Kris would say. These two are cohorts. Did you even remember what the Aquinos said about EDSA 2? “EDSA 2 was a mistake.” Cory (RIP) said that, after rallying people against Erap, she just turned around 360 degrees. If that’s not balimbing… I don’t know what you call that. Erap was convicted, he was in jail. He was found guilty with evidences. If you don’t believe in the justice system in the Philippines, then we are all in bad shape. Didn’t the Aquinos consider that Erap is a convicted person?

    My mom then said to me, “So, who do you want to be president? The one associated with Arroyo? (she was referring to Gibo)

    I said, ” Well, if it was between Noynoy and Gibo, I’d rather go for the one associated with Arroyo than with Erap. But then, they’r not the only ones running for the position, aren’t they? I’d rather go for Perlas.” I explained the Aquino-Erap connection and the Hacienda Luisita issue, CARP issue.

    And she grunted “You’re all nonsense. You don’t know how honest Noynoy is”

    I retorted “He must be too honest not to do anything in the public office for 20 years.” and then she left. If parents are swayed with the way Kris cries on TV, then we’re in for another 4 years of cronies and puppets… I’d say let’s just go for the ones not in the limelight. Today I joined Nicky Perlas’ yahoo group, in the hopes of learning more of what he can do for us. If things go well, I will dedicate my time in spreading his candidacy to others.

    Sabi nga nila, “Eh pano di sya kilala”
    Well, paano ba nagsisimula ang chismis? right? Perlas na tayo.

  • 104. Edgar Allan Paule  |  09 Nov 2009 (Mon) at 10:59 pm

    @teresita woodward, are you SERIOUSLY likening Noynoy to Jesus Christ? Ika nga ni Carlo J. Caparas, “GOD HELP US!”

  • 105. Mizo  |  09 Nov 2009 (Mon) at 11:42 pm

    wow. bilib talaga ako sa tipo ng crowd na pumupunta sa site mo EAP. congrats and i really admire your intelligence and talent.

    can i just share this video:

    watchout for subtle attacks aimed towards the popular guy.
    “pag nag-apply ka bang driver, sasabihin mong magaling kang driver dahil nag-ddrive ang nanay mo?”

    c5 issue? walang napatunayan at walang naibulsa. me issue dahil me ginawa. ang iba?
    “i can explain my wealth.”

    and more importantly listen to the concrete plans for the first year if elected. walang motherhood statement.

  • 106. maxx  |  10 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 10:59 am

    @mizo, I like your post. true, kung nag-aaply ng driver you cannot say you’re good because your mother can drive. nice analogy.

  • 107. JD  |  10 Nov 2009 (Tue) at 6:47 pm

    after watching at the video, you ought to think that something is lacking. parang may kulang. and as others have noticed, it is like a station id without the logo. couldn’t help but noticed boy abunda on a banca. tama nga sabi ng iba na parang namamangka sya sa dalawang ilog (from villar to aquino).
    it is typical of personality-based ad where stars are plastered all over the place. from start to finish. the people behind this ad have one goal in mind which is to sway the class C,D behind Noynoy. the people running his campaign are already trying to cover all grounds. they know that their camp would get the class A, B group. look at how all the cory people including the business establishment are coalescing behind him.
    if you put all the major candidates’ records and credentials side by side and compare them, in my opinion by far Noynoy ranks in the bottom. but election decisions are not made that way in the Philippines. it is still personality-based driven. it is not based on who could lead the country effectively nor who has the best ideas to tackle the problems facing the country. my perception of him is that he is a ‘weakling’ with no spine to show when all comes to shove in putting this country in order. i don’t see in him the qualities of a good leader. he will be looking the other way if a major corruption scandal will involve people close to him. just watch and learn once he gets elected.
    just think about this. his vice presidential candidate is more qualified than him. has he ever given a thought about this? what he has is the family name to reckon. but what if he is a de la cruz, a garcia or a santos, would people still give him the adulation and support he is receiving right now? that i doubt it.

  • 108. bored  |  11 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 2:44 pm

    I was never impressed with Cory and Ninoy in the first place. I will vote whomever is the most competent.

  • 109. ann  |  12 Nov 2009 (Thu) at 1:14 am

    I say “BRING ON THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES!” dun natin masusukat kung gaano ka-talino at kung talagang marunong ang isang candidate. Dapat live on all tv channels, walang sasabay na Wowowee para lahat manonood, walang choice kundi manood. Isira din ang mga malls at cinehan.. para lahat makikinig. hahaha! dapat!

  • 110. AD  |  13 Nov 2009 (Fri) at 1:36 am

    Wow! Meron palang ganito dito. Another side of Viewers Discretion blog! Not just criticisms of films, but also elucidation of the ‘spectacle’ of the current political ads proliferating in television.

    TV is not for me, i think. But it is an interesting topic in media studies, advertisements are as titillating as mainstream films. Small narratives, high on visuals, framing is highly organized, usually uses close-ups and focused images. Frontal execution is highly evident, exaggeration counts. hmm… anu pa ba? madami pang aspects ang pwedeng pag-usapan in relation to the aesthetics of advertisements.

    hehe! nakisaw-saw lang.

  • 111. Edgar Allan Paule  |  13 Nov 2009 (Fri) at 1:51 am

    @Mizo, thanks!

    @AD, yes, especially if you consider viewership. In the Philippines, more people watch TV than movies, so its cultural impact is worth writing about as well!

  • 112. Ruben Z. Martinez  |  14 Nov 2009 (Sat) at 7:18 pm

    There are new video coming in aside from the villar, teodoro video, binay is still there is so is chiz. the more recent of course is gordon, go gordon. from the artistic director’s point of view, angkop at napapanahon ang video. walang director ang mag-a admit na baduy or walang kwenta ang ginawa niya. or walang taste..Lahat ng ito bahagi ng political circus, at dahil sa tingin ng mga director at adsmaster or spin master ito ang gusto ng audience. Ganito nila kinikiltis ang panglasa ng pinoy. Isang reflection ng umiiral ng political culture..personality based at hindi mai hihiwalay sa pop culture…

  • 113. Not Another Yellow Solidarity of the Bourgeoisie - Bulatlat  |  18 Nov 2009 (Wed) at 12:19 pm

    […] EDGAR ALLAN PAULE Posted by […]

  • 114. Lei  |  01 Dec 2009 (Tue) at 9:05 pm

    @TheWalruz (#70)
    You say “I know noynoy has many shortcomings–his passiveness, lack of will and leadership, being a hen-pecked brother etc but i think this things can be curbed and corrected.”

    That’s true, these things can be curbed and corrected but could he at least do these first before aspiring for the presidency? Alangan namang tsaka lang niya gawin ito pag nahalal na siya?

    Noynoy is simply not prepared.

  • 115. Karen  |  02 Dec 2009 (Wed) at 12:03 pm

    “after years of being a congressman and senator, Noynoy himself has not done anything politically notable”

    When he stood up in Congress, to defend his family after the HLI massacre, that/i> was notable.

  • 116. Ramon Guico  |  28 Jan 2010 (Thu) at 2:52 pm

    I’m encouraging all Filipino citizens who are registered voters to cast their votes wisely.Choose candidates who are qualified and have proven themselves to be trustworthy.

  • […] TRAPO. Noynoy’s camp was able to profit from from the premature campaigning loophole. (see Noynoy’s pre-campaign-period television commercial with lots of celebrities). We can only hope that the loopholes can be avoided by the Supreme Court with proper […]

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