Election Discretion Part 1: Videos and Taglines

04 May 2010 (Tue) at 6:04 pm 31 comments

Election Discretion Part 1

Campaign ads, videos and taglines. Who's been naughty or nice this election season?

As May 10 draws near, let us all take a moment to reflect on the season which is second only to Christmastime in length and cultural importance to Filipinos: election season. (Or is it even second?) Even months before the official campaign period started, we have been barraged with faces, names and promises by all these candidates. So much election propaganda has polluted our airwaves, so much paper and plastic on our streets, so much rhetoric yet so few actual choices in our so-called democracy.

Monday is just a step away, and as we all finalize our lists and prepare our codigos, now is probably a good time to assess all these election-related videos and whatnot. After all, these are instances of culture, and whether or not these candidates’ propaganda are “truthful”—truth being prone to contesting views—they do say much about ourselves, our society and the system we live in.

It is necessary to note that as with any award-giving body, these views are the product of subjectivities like taste, class and ideological positions. You are free to not share my opinions, but you are also free to enjoy them. I hope you do the latter. Relax lang, peeps.

Without further ado, I begin this three-part series with a roundup of this season’s best and worst videos and taglines.

Video Music Awards

Best Campaign TVC (Individual)

Satur Ocampo – “Sure Ka Kay Satur!” series. We’re tired of seeing all these politicos shoving their faces at us, hogging the credit for specific achievements. The brilliance of Satur’s ads is that they go against this narcissistic grain. We see workers, students, farmers and professionals proudly owning their respective achievements. These accomplishments are never singlehandedly attributed to Satur. Rather, the agency of these very sectors is upheld and celebrated. While Ocampo lets each sector speak of its own triumphs, these sectors in turn recognize Ocampo’s invaluable role in each victory. These ads showcase Satur’s undeniably impressive pro-people track record, as well as his democratic outlook which is strongly anchored on grassroots involvement.

Worst Campaign TVC (Individual)

Risa Hontiveros – “Maganda ang Laban.” Is this video irritating or what?! This woman seems to think that the elections is a beauty pageant. Her commercial doesn’t show an ounce of track record or a shred of commitment. Ganda lang ang puhunan. Heck, she can’t even commit to dancing. If she’s gonna bank on her beauty, she might as well go all the way! Igiling mo, beybeh! Not this half-baked rocking to and fro (if you call that dancing), while flashing the Laban sign and cutesy smiles. Please. This video makes me shudder.

Honorable Mention
Noynoy Aquino – “Laban Na‘To!” (The Rap Video).
If one could face raps for rapping, siguro kalaboso na si Noynoy ngayon. Ugh.

Bong Revilla – “Otso Otso.” Like Risa Hontiveros’ ad, this video has no platform or substance whatsoever, just name, face and number recall. However, unlike Hontiveros, Revilla has no pretensions of intelligence or substance whatsoever, so it’s completely appropriate. Heck, it looks like he might even win anyway. Still, it’s a dumb ad.

Best Campaign Video (Group)

NP – “Suportahan ang Kababaihan.” This is a surprisingly good commercial. Not only does the ad flaunt the fact that Nacionalista Party has the most female-dominated slate, it also supplies a quite sensitive and well-delivered (kudos sa AD at speech coach!) script. The scoring is understated, and the cinematography interacts with the production design well, the pale blue-tinged whites complementing the various orange shades of the candidates’outfits. Most of all, the ad makes Miriam seem gentle, vulnerable and sensitive. That is an achievement in itself.

Best Music Video

Eddie Villanueva – “Eddie Tayo.” Eddie Villanueva’s music video is very youthful, and features music by one of our generation’s most talented rappers, Gloc 9. There is the classic road trip imagery, which brings to mind summer days and carefree times. The video features lively camerawork and editing, combining fun choreography with colorful graphics and well-made animation. The highlight, of course, is the music. Gloc 9 posits, “Sino pa? Eh di ako! Kailan pa? Eh di ngayon!” The wordplay between “eh di” and “Eddie” is sheer genius; the citizens’ agency is maintained alongside support for Villanueva, both sharing equal prominence. The message is that beyond voting, Filipino citizens’ involvement in governance is essential “para maitaguyod ang bayan ni Juan.”

Worst Music Video

Noynoy Aquino – “Hindi Ka Nag-iisa.” As I said in an earlier post, this video just shows that bourgeois solidarity and interests are Noynoy’s main selling point.

Tagging the Taglines

Best Tagline (Standard Bearer)

Erap Estrada – “Kung may Erap, may ginhawa.” Witty wordplay!

Worst Tagline (Standard Bearer)

Bayani Fernando – “Lalakeng kausap.” Chauvinist pig.

Best Tagline (Senator)

Imelda Papin – “Tinig ng Bawat Pilipino sa Senado.” And what a tinig it is! Jukebox queen!

Worst Tagline (Senator)

Juan Ponce Enrile “Gusto ko happy ka.” Ano ho?

Honorable Mention
Franklin Drilon –
“Big Justice.” A great spin on Drilon’s obesity. But it’s obesity nonetheless.

Worst Tagline (Partylist)

PBA Partylist – “Sports lang, you know!” No, I don’t know!

Honorable Mention
ABROAD Partylist –
“Work abroad, pay later.” Easier to export Filipino labor this way!

Worst Tagline (Party)

Liberal Party – “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap,” for being a misnomer. See Awkward Awards: Sariling Atin Award

Most Misplaced Tagline

Bayani Fernando – “Lalakeng kausap.” Should have been Jamby Madrigal’s.

Honorable Mention
Risa Hontiveros –
“Magandang Laban.” Should have been Adel Tamano’s, kasi mas maganda si Adel. Hihihi

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Felicity and Luisita: Can the Subaltern Speak? Election Discretion Part 2: Virals and Endorsers, Jejemons and Assumptionistas

31 Comments Add your own

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  • 2. kapirasongkritika  |  05 May 2010 (Wed) at 1:45 am

    Maganda talaga iyung Suportahan ang Kababaihan. Hehe.

  • 3. Facebook Status, Edisyong Eleksyon « Kapirasong Kritika  |  05 May 2010 (Wed) at 2:20 am

    […] siya sa entri ni Edgar Allan Paule tungkol sa bidyong propaganda ng mga maka-Noynoy — na may isa, dalawa, tatlong maganda at nakakatawang mga entri tungkol sa […]

  • 4. pbapartylist167  |  05 May 2010 (Wed) at 7:45 am

    i agree pangit talaga ng tagline ni enrile. it’s as if wala lang no effort at all on his part because he’s sure he’ll win again.

    yung sa amin naman… well, di ko din kursunada but the more i think about it it makes sense. pba is for sports and athletes thus “Sports Lang.” The “You Know” part well, ganun talaga. but in case you don’t know, that “you know” phrase is actually nothing more than a reference to pacquiao who happens to be our chairman and who is known for punctuating his sentences with “you know.”

    anyway, nice read. :)

  • 5. Edgar Allan Paule  |  05 May 2010 (Wed) at 8:44 am

    @Teo Marasigan: Di ba?

    @PBA Partylist. Yes, I know it’s a reference to Manny. It’s just funny for a tagline. And I think your partylist won’t be involved in “just sports,” but also politics and other national/local issues which should be tackled in Congress, right? Thanks for visiting, and good luck in this year’s polls!

  • 6. TeamSatur  |  05 May 2010 (Wed) at 9:50 am

    Wow. Thanks for the award. Haha. We’re happy that people like the video for its message and at the same time it’s non-trapo form.

    To view more videos about Satur Ocampo visit http://www.youtube.com/documentingsatur and http://www.satur4senator.com

    More power!

  • 7. Edgar Allan Paule  |  05 May 2010 (Wed) at 10:19 am

    @TeamSatur, congratulations :) It was well-deserved. Thanks for dropping by!

  • 8. TeamSatur  |  05 May 2010 (Wed) at 10:42 am

    BTW, your post reminded me that we still have the lagging video in our page. Embed these instead. Thanks!

  • 9. Edgar Allan Paule  |  05 May 2010 (Wed) at 10:48 am

    Thanks, TeamSatur, I was wondering why the sound didn’t sync in the YouTube videos I posted, when the ads I saw on TV were fine. Links updated!

  • 10. eun_hye1  |  05 May 2010 (Wed) at 5:17 pm

    would you consider tweeting (getting into twitter). I’m sure you’ll be quite a big hit with your commentaries tungkol sa popculture.

    Thanks guys, enjoyed this one. :)

  • 11. ronvil@gmail.com  |  05 May 2010 (Wed) at 5:43 pm

    I was thinking of writing a simiar piece. I agree with every award and comment. However, i wish to add to the honorable mention, Villar’s “hindi bawal mangarap ang mahirap,” which i think encapusulates the frustrations of many of the poor, as well as Villar’s ad, where lines of text go down, but when read up, says the reverse. Ingenious.

    IMO, Gloc 9s song has more LSS appeal than any other campaign jingle heard. Natabunan lang talaga ng songs ng bigger parties kaya di nabigyan ng attensyon. :)

  • 12. ronvil@gmail.com  |  05 May 2010 (Wed) at 5:52 pm

    I do recognize that Villar’s ad was “borrowed” from somewhere else, but it is brilliant, nonetheless.

  • 13. eufems  |  05 May 2010 (Wed) at 7:58 pm

    nominate ko pong worst tv ad-honorable mention ang ‘Otso Otso’ ni Bong Revilla. Parang ‘Magandang Laban’ walang prinsipyo ni pangako. Mga animated 8s lang na sumasayaw. Kainis!

  • 14. Edgar Allan Paule  |  06 May 2010 (Thu) at 12:12 am

    @eun_hye1, I’m glad you enjoyed it! About tweeting, hmmm I’m undecided. I can’t post on this blog enough, so I’m not sure how I would fare with short tweets…

    @ronvil, I think Villar’s scroll ad was interesting too. About his jingles, they’re awful, but incredibly catchy. Gloc 9 made the best song. I think it will still sound great even after the elections.

    @eufems, my friends told me about it. I will look for it online. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • 15. Fitz  |  06 May 2010 (Thu) at 5:08 pm

    This post made my day. It’s light and easy to read and yet, very substantial. I hope more voters would be as critical as you when taking in political campaigns. Kudos to the series.

  • 16. darqueangel  |  06 May 2010 (Thu) at 6:11 pm

    i just literally Laugh out loud.. i agree bong revilla and hontiveros’ campaign TVC is just merely face and non sense at all.. sana man ginamit nila ang galing at talino.. kahit sa pangangampanya lang.. kaso ganda lang talaga ata ang kaya nilang ibigay sa bahay..

  • 17. Edgar Allan Paule  |  07 May 2010 (Fri) at 12:50 am

    @Fitz, thank you! I hope this series helped you in choosing your candidates.

    @darqueangel, hindi pa nga solb na solb yung ganda na hinarap nila e!

  • 18. darqueangel  |  07 May 2010 (Fri) at 2:33 am

    oops.. BAYAN i mean..

  • 19. ampolista  |  07 May 2010 (Fri) at 3:21 pm

    how come villar’s “dagat ng basura’s” not here?

  • 20. Most Tweeted Articles by Philippines Experts: MrTweet  |  07 May 2010 (Fri) at 11:31 pm

    Your article was most tweeted by Philippines experts in the Twitterverse…

    Come see other top popular articles surfaced by Philippines experts!…

  • 21. Edgar Allan Paule  |  08 May 2010 (Sat) at 4:24 am

    @ampolista, I’m on the fence about that jingle. It’s awful, but it’s also very catchy and therefore effective.

  • 22. Venus Rojas  |  09 May 2010 (Sun) at 2:20 pm

    gusto ko si hontiveros eh pero nainis din ako sa “magandang laban” . Actually nga, unang dinig ko pa lng dun parang nagulat ako. Tapos si kris pa yung nagsasabing MAGANDAng laban. What the heck. LOL.

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  • 24. calaicai  |  15 May 2010 (Sat) at 8:37 am

    And you’re right! The Otso-Otso ad won a seat in the senate!

  • 25. Edgar Allan Paule  |  15 May 2010 (Sat) at 10:00 pm

    @calaicai, and the top post at that! Sheesh!

  • 26. Erle  |  20 May 2010 (Thu) at 12:28 pm

    I guess now we know which ads were more effective ;)

  • 27. larry  |  20 May 2010 (Thu) at 1:01 pm

    hmmmm.. obviously anti-noynoy and anti-liberal party… i see nothing wrong with the “maganda ang laban” ad of risa hontiveros.. you’re too shallow naman if you consider the word “maganda” in the context of aesthetics.. “maganda” ang laban meaning it’s going to be a good fight with risa because she is a good candidate. Ang babaw nyo naman.. I just tried reading this blog because of ceres doyo’s article in the Inquirer today. Well, you caught my attention.. at least for a little while.. BUT YOU’RE NOT WORTH MY TIME…dapat dito nag comment si mr gary olivar. about that being “FOUL AND STUPID”?

  • 28. Edgar Allan Paule  |  20 May 2010 (Thu) at 1:39 pm

    @Erle, maybe it just wasn’t about advertising?

    @larry: Are you seriously saying that Risa’s ad was not about shamelessly capitalizing on her looks?

  • 29. Elmer  |  20 May 2010 (Thu) at 10:41 pm

    na-curious ako sa blog na ito…..medyo mababaw nga lang….di masyado type.. why don’t you try the best blog ever…professionalheckler..SUPER GANDA….

  • 30. A brief look: New media and the polls « Tine.  |  13 Jun 2010 (Sun) at 5:16 pm

    […] has indeed become a trending topic online (see another interesting blog giving out awards to best and worst political commercials), with the popularity of Twitter celebrity @PCOSmachine (read articles from GMANews.tv […]

  • 31. mary jane g tranjia  |  05 Apr 2013 (Fri) at 6:24 am

    sa mga tumatakbi sana naman po bigyan nio nang pansin ang mga na ngungupahan na mag karoon nang sarili nlang bahay.upang sa ganun ay hindi n kami mag hirap.yung bahay na pwde mong hulugan aat least ,mag babayad ka man ma papasau naman ang bahay.himdi katulad nang na ngungupahan.lahat nang hirap nasa na ngungupahan.sana mapansin nio ang comment ko; salamat po

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