Election Discretion Part 2: Virals and Endorsers, Jejemons and Assumptionistas

04 May 2010 (Tue) at 7:44 pm 11 comments

Election Discretion Part 2

Infectious viral marketing—and whether we liked them or not. The battle of the endorsers, and the j3JeM0nS vs the Assumptionistas.

Election Discretion continues with the more offbeat pieces of campaign propaganda. In this part, we discuss the best and worst of viral marketing, as well as who or what’s been endorsing who or what (and how?). Also, in the spirit of social stratification, we have two special award categories: the Jejemons and the Assumptionistas.

The Virally Yours Awards

Best Viral

Noy-bita and Dorae-mar. I don’t know who came up with this, but it’s brilliant. Perfect match—from the blue and yellow colors, to Noynoy’s character matching Nobita’s: lampa, whiny, may pagkabaliw, loser. The only difference is that Nobita is middle-class, while Noynoy is filthy rich. Also, Nobita is endearing, while Noynoy is not. Mar, on the other hand, does look a bit like Doraemon, no? Sa may jawline…

Noybita and Doraemar

"Nakuuuuu, Noybitaaaaaaaa!"

Honorable Mention

Sino’ng Iboboto Mo?
Another version goes:

  • Erap – Kanto boy
  • Villar – Tondo boy
  • Noynoy – Mama’s boy
  • Gibo – Lover boy
  • Gordon – Amboy
  • Eddie V – Altar boy
  • Jamby – If I were a boy

There are several variations of this viral. In each of them, Jamby Madrigal is always the punchline. Call it gender-insensitive, but I love it. In this presidential race, Jamby has the balls. Hinamon nga niya si Manny Villar sa isang talkshow e: “Mag-usap tayo. Man to man.”

Sino'ng iboboto mo?

The boys who wanna be president.

Worst Viral

We’ve seen a lot of virals this past year, from Youtube videos to flash mobs and other publicity stunts. But the most infectious, malignant and pus-ridden piece of viral propaganda ever deserves an award for living up to its “viral” name. The award goes to…

NoyWeb Comics: Hacienda Luisita. For being a mix of McCarthyist anti-communism, MMK-level overdramaturgy, and sheer kapal ng apog, this 14-page comics is the worst viral ever. Its winning moment, however, is on page 6, where the lead character blames the Luisita issue on “leftist infiltrators” (and portrays Leftists as devils, with the obligatory evil laughter and fire background).

NoyWeb Comics: Hacienda Luisita, Page 6

The part where the leftists look like Satan's henchmen. Click to enlarge.

But wait, there’s more. That wasn’t the winning moment. The cherry on top is when these “leftists” are shown putting up posters saying “SUMAPI SA CCP-NPA.” Yes, there is an evil conspiracy between the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the New People’s Army. Yes, the NoyWeb comics implies that the arts sector is conniving with rebels in order to sabotage Luisita. And no, it wasn’t a typo, since there are two instances of it. See for yourself!

NoyWeb Comics: Hacienda Luisita FAIL

Red-tagging FAIL!

And that, my friends, is the worst viral propaganda ever. I’d also like to emphasize that this komiks has practically the same line of argumentation as Felicity Tan’s viral video, which I wrote about earlier. Coincidence? I think not.

(Dis)Honorable Mention
Risa Hontiveros – “Ang Alamat ng Alampay ni Risa Hontiveros.”
According to its YouTube description, this is “a lighter take on our overwhelming political problems. Exploring these themes in a comic way in an attempt to engage the not interested and the apathetic, especiallly the young. Exploring political issues need not make you GnD (grim and determined). It can be cool, fun and smart.” UNFORTUNATELY, it’s neither engaging, cool, or smart. It’s not even that funny. Pa-cute, pero fail. And since it’s not GnD either, it’s just… wala. Kulangot. (It barely even made honorable mention, pero for the sake of mentioning lang naman ito, literally.)

Endeavored Endorsers Awards

Best Endorser

Baby James for Manny Villar. Ngunit sa isang salita mo lamang ay tatambling na si Noy. At Kris. ‘Nuff said.

Honorable Mention
Andal Ampatuan Jr. for Noynoy Aquino.
Blood in Luisita, bloody mate in Maguindanao. Makes sense to me!


Ampaquino! The prime suspect in last year's Maguindanao massacre endorses Glee and Noynoy in a presscon, 20 April 2010.

The Womanizers (Willie Revillame, Manny Pacquiao, Dolphy) for Manny V. Pinakamarami ang babae sa tiket ni Villar. Pinakamarami rin ang babaero sa kaniyang endorsers. (Sabagay, may James Yap naman for LP…)

MMDA for Gibo. Everyone noticed that Metro Manila’s footbridges, urinals, even the concrete balls along Quezon Avenue’s islands slowly changed colors from pink to green. Para pag nagwi-weewee ka, subliminally maiisip mong iboto si Gibo.

MMDA: From Pink to Green

MMDA: From BF pink (left) to Gibo green (right). Green urinal photo nabbed from http://www.flickr.com/photos/leszar21

Sarah Geronimo for Loren Legarda. Weird how Sarah calls her “Loren.” Magkabarkada kayo? Wala man lang “Tita”?

Gloc 9 and Kiwi for Kabataan Partylist. Now THIS is the kind of rapping that merits support. Take a hint, Noynoy.

Ricky Reyes and the Filipino Hairdressers Cooperative for Manny Villar. Ganda ng loloh moh! Read more here.

Boy Abunda and Lex Bonife for Liza Maza. Suportado talaga ng mga bakla si Liza Maza. Unlike her other female “counterpart,” kung matatawag bang counterpart yun.

Cubao ukays and wagwagans for Katribu Partylist. Fashionistas, advance the indigenous peoples’ interests! (Sorry I wasn’t able to take a pic, I was just passing by and saw it through the car window!)

Secret Weapon Award

ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer for Noynoy. Sure, the LP accuses Villar of overspending on his campaign. But it’s much easier when you don’t have to pay for your airtime, right?

Best Brand Endorsement from a Candidate

Gibo Teodoro for Ray-Ban. Aviators always looked cool, but few presidentiables are actually licensed to carry them.

Gibo Teodoro for Ray-Ban

Gibo never hides.

Honorable Mention
Noynoy Aquino for Rhett Eala/Collezione C2.
Now it’s hard to wear these polo shirts without looking like a Noynoy supporter.

Noynoy Aquino for Collezione C2

Noynoy Aquino for Collezione C2. Apparently, his dad Ninoy was also fond of the brand.

Best Mascot

Kabataan Partylist’s Isko, because I have a thing for ’em geeky bespectacled boys. Hihihi

Kabataan Partylists's Isko

The not-so-moreno Isko.

Worst Mascot

Noynoy Aquino’s Ribbon Ibon. It’s just fugly.

Noynoy's Ribbon Ibon

Ibon o ribbon? Make up your mind!

The Jejemon Slate

President: jajaja-jAMbY MaDR!GaL~

Vice-President: j3jeje-JeJ0mAr B1nAy

Senators: sLAmAT L0rRrD ^_^

Partylist: 1-ABAA (1-aQ BbaInG aSTg aasENsO)

Assumptionista Awards

Assumptionista of the Year

Noynoy Aquino, for assuming na mananalo na siya sa eleksyon—and threatening to incite people power kung matalo siya. Wala pa ngang botohan, sore loser na?

Honorable Mention
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo,
dahil Assumptionista talaga siya. Pati si Loren.

Gloria, the Assumptionista

Schoolgirls may be cute, but they can grow into monsters! Well, Gloria didn't grow much, but she's still a monster.

Risa Hontiveros, for assuming that the New People’s Army supports Villar because their alleged permit-to-campaign-cards are orange. Ganun? Why not Erap? Judgmental by color.

Assumption of Intelligence Award

Gilbert Teodoro – “I think, therefore I am for Gibo Teodoro.” Siya na ba ang may monopolyo ng galing at talino? Kayo na, kayo nang supporters ni Gibo ang matalino. René Descartes must be turning in his grave.

I Think, Therefore I Am For Gibo

I think these people think too highly of themselves.

Assumption of Non-Intelligence Award

Silvestre Bello III – “Justice Men.” Justice Man Bello seems to think that he’ll secure votes just because he portrays himself as a superhero. He’s confident enough that in his posters and in this TVC, we don’t even get to know his first name (I had to look it up. His nickname’s Bebot). Ano’ng feeling mo, ikaw si Peter Parker, may secret identity? Feeling mo rin sikat ka? FYI, popular people drop their last name, not their first (ie Madonna and Cher). Regarding content, sure, the time of just-tiis should have been over a long time ago, I agree. But no politician is a superhero, and our country’s problems are surely more complex than what we see in, say, Captain Barbell. Or Booba. At the end of the day, no one expects this messianic superhero politician to fly out from the sky and save the day while the people clap helplessly and happily in gratitude. The people aren’t that naïve, Justice Man. Don’t treat us like we are.

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Election Discretion Part 1: Videos and Taglines Election Discretion Part 3: The Awkward and the Familiar, Identity Crises and Other Special Awards

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    […] sa entri ni Edgar Allan Paule tungkol sa bidyong propaganda ng mga maka-Noynoy — na may isa, dalawa, tatlong maganda at nakakatawang mga entri tungkol sa […]

  • 2. gulaman  |  05 May 2010 (Wed) at 7:50 pm

    grabe naman yung alamat ng alampay. sunugin ang nag isip nun. kailangan bang umabot ng dalawang minuto yung ganung korning ideya?

  • 3. ice  |  05 May 2010 (Wed) at 11:05 pm

    Grabe, tawa ako ng tawa sa CCP-NPA! hahahaha. A fun and engaging read, as usual.

  • 4. Edgar Allan Paule  |  06 May 2010 (Thu) at 12:15 am

    @gulaman, ewan ko. Pero feel talaga nila na ang witty nila diba? Kaya nakakairita yung video.

    @ice, thanks! Obviously, these people don’t really know the issue, no?

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  • 6. krissa  |  06 May 2010 (Thu) at 9:53 pm

    NOYNOY: B*tchboy

  • 7. darqueangel  |  07 May 2010 (Fri) at 2:50 am

    true Rhett Eala’s tshirt design for Collezione is sadly associated with NOYNOY’s.. i wanted to buy sana kaso nga baka magmukha akong sasabak sa campaign rally.. LOL

  • 8. ampolista  |  07 May 2010 (Fri) at 3:13 pm


  • 9. Cai :]  |  11 May 2010 (Tue) at 9:38 am

    hi :) can I reblog the pic “The boys who wanna be president.”?

  • 10. Edgar Allan Paule  |  11 May 2010 (Tue) at 10:22 am

    @cai, sure! I only nabbed that viral photo from elsewhere. :)

  • 11. Cathy Pena  |  16 May 2010 (Sun) at 4:19 pm

    Glad to have checked your blog out! Looks like a lot of work, but best of all, it’s a fun fun read – with a lot of neurons invested!

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